Causes & Beliefs

We believe that the rape and sexual violence of children and adults is endemic within our society. Together we are committed to empowering survivors and their supporters to work through and beyond the experience of abuse.

Esharoth Core Belief

We believe that the sexual abuse and/or rape of girls, boys, women and men is preventable and we challenge society to acknowledge both its reality and our individual and collective responsibility for it.

Homeless youths often have less education and vocational training than their peers. They often have legal problems. The result is that they are often under-employed or unemployed. This lack of vocational skills, dubious legal standing and a history of sexual abuse makes them prime targets of sexual predators. The National Network for Youth report that the rate of sexual assault on these youths are up to three times higher than the general public. This includes being assaulted on the streets and in shelters.

Esharoth Core Aims

To support and empower survivors of rape, sexual violence and/or childhood sexual abuse through:
● Providing a collective voice and peer networking for members;
● Raising awareness about sexual abuse and/or rape and its effects on survivors, their supporters and society at large;
● Informing acknowledgement of, and effective responses to, rape and sexual abuse on a local, regional and national level.

  • Child, & women trafficking is a reality that carries on in our society. In this day and age prevention and clamping down on this monstrous behaviour should be all our responsibilities, it takes a village to bring up a child and a community to look after each other
  • By providing better education, awareness of HIV provides a better tomorrow for our next generation who will and are the next leaders of the society we live in, let’s all leave our “mark and legacy to show we were here, and the change we want to see”

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